Turnkey Biometric analysis

Facial Biometrics
Scaled for Enterprise

C2RO uses Cloud AI processing to analyze facial biometrics without streaming video. C2RO is the only facial biometrics platform that delivers at scale for businesses that require value, flexibility, and performance with no top-end limit of scanned faces.

Face Recognition Built for Business

Our end-to-end solution is easy to integrate with existing CRMs, but can also stand alone so you can start fostering better customer experiences in no time.

C2RO Perceive for Demographic and Behaviour Analysis

Get the platform with the most reliable data in the world for real-world conditions. Age, gender, and behavior detection scalable for enterprise business.

We’ve Got You Covered

100,00+ People

There is no limit to the number of people C2RO can support using elastic cloud processing

Real-Time Alerts

Whether it’s a VIP customer or a suspicious person, C2RO sends alerts to the right person.

In Person Visitor Analytics

C2RO is the Google Analytics of in person visitors. Start discovering insights now.

World Wide Recognition

Meet a customer in Shanghai, remember her in New York. C2RO’s cloud has no geographical limits.

Easy to Integrate

C2RO can be easily integrated via API with your existing CRM and other software systems.


Enterprise Security

We take the privacy of your customers very seriously. C2RO will never share or leverage your data.


Training and Support

A tool is only as good as its user. Our users are never alone with 24/7 global support options.

Cloud Processing

C2RO’s AI engine runs in the cloud. Eliminate costly hardware, and enjoy fast support turn around.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Face recognition technology is not new, but C2RO is doing it better than anyone else has done before. Between lighting, angles, and your business goals, there are a number of factors to consider when implementing face recognition technology. Our superior AI and market-ready product set C2RO apart from the competition.

Personalize Environments with AI

C2RO offers age, gender and ethnicity detection in addition to face recognition technology. Customize messaging on digital screens and text alerts for customer-centric experiences powered by AI.


C2RO in the News

C2RO Founder at the #Movethedial Event to Support Women in AI

Join C2RO founder Soodeh Farokhi in authentic conversations around careers in AI and robotics with leading pioneers in these fields for #movethedial. Soodeh Farokhi will be joined by Sophie Forest, Rachade Hmamouchi and Laviva Mazhar as speakers. Event will be help on...

C2RO in the News after NRF 2019

NRF 2019 attracted all of the major retailers in the world, as well as the biggest retail tech & strategic partners, adding up to over 37,000 attendees. C2RO was present in the Innovation Lab, which exhibited a curated selection of the Big Show's most innovative...

C2RO to be Part of the Innovation Lab at NRF 2019

If you're looking for C2RO between January 13 and 15, search no more... We will be participating in the Innovation Lab at NRF 2019, the largest retail conference & expo in the world. Even more exciting, NRF invited us to showcase our technology through a...

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