We are always looking for highly-motivated people to join our rapidly growing team. If you are passionate about cloud robotics, and have deep expertise in the field of robotics, machine learning, software & cloud engineering (Java, Python, Pub-Sub technologies), or have B2B market experience, please contact us via

What we offer:

  • Full-Time, Part-Time & Internship positions
  • The opportunity to work in a cutting-edge space of cloud robotics
  • A steep learning curve among top-class engineers and Machine Learning experts
  • A friendly and dynamic team environment, graduated from the leading deep technology startup-builder TandemLaunch
  • Fresh fruit on a daily basis for the fitness ninjas 🙂 as well as unlimited coffee, organic tea, and Italian espresso
  • Working with cool robots 

we are looking for a senior researcher with at least 5 years of professional work experience in a software company with new software technologies, who has a PhD or post-doctoral in computer science with a distinguished track-record in machine learning.

To succeed, you need to be an independent researcher with leadership abilities and experience. Working closely with, and under the leadership of our CTO, you will drive architectures and solutions that translate the R&D roadmap into enterprise-ready core technology for C2RO’s  Cloud Robotics SaaS platform.


We are looking for a Software Developer to develop and design the interface and client of our software platform. You need to be “hands-on” Android/Python programmer while having responsibility for the design, development, integration, and testing of our products in an innovative and dynamic technology environment mainly used on robots.  Working with our technical lead, product owner, the development team, our goal is to develop a world-class Cloud Robotics SaaS platform that achieves overall business success. Watch how the product that you will work on it will be used for service robots here.

We are looking for a PhD or post-doctoral computer scientist in a Canadain university with a distinguished track-record in the distributed system/cloud computing domain to bolster our R&D and help us fulfill our goals.

To succeed, you need to be a strong researcher in distributed systems or Cloud Computing. You will need to align with our CTO and AI Lead with the end goal of developing a world-class Cloud Robotics SaaS platform that can fuel C2RO’s business success.

Internship / Part-Time Positions:

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Research Engineers 
  • Software engineer (telecommunication specialist) 
  • Soft Robotics Specialist in Robotic Vision and Machine Learning 
  • Technology Blogger (remote working) 
  • Marketing 

Please contact us with a cover letter and CV via


C2RO Cloud Robotics  |  780 Avenue Brewster, Montreal, QC, H4C 2K1| Tel: +1 (438) 380-5435 Ext. 233;


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