C2RO is a high-tech cloud robotics startup located in Montreal. At C2RO, we’ve developed a software robotics platform for mobile robots. We offer Robotic Vision & Multi-robot collaboration modules on top of our platform as well as real-time monitoring and big data analysis. We are always looking for highly-motivated people to join our rapidly growing team. If you are interested in cloud robotics, wish to work in a highly motivating environment and have deep expertise in the field of mobile robotics, computer (robotics) vision, machine learning, software & cloud engineering (Java, Python, Pub-Sub technologies), or have marketing experience in these domains, please contact us via: career@c2ro.com.


Open Positions:

Help us to grow our SaaS market and build a strong brand in the robotics market!



We want a technology enthusiast with an entrepreneur spirit to lead the development of our cloud robotics platform and will manage a multi-disciplinary team of highly-skilled engineers.



We are hiring a passionate engineer to design and develop C2RO software applications for mobile robots!