C2RO Perceive™ Blows Away Beacons, Door Counters, and Streaming Video Analysis

C2RO Perceive™ Blows Away Beacons, Door Counters, and Streaming Video Analysis

Businesses relying on Beacon Technology and Overhead Door Counters are frustrated with inaccurate and unhelpful customer data. Countless businesses have tried and failed with web-only video analytics. C2RO offers a vertically integrated solution that controls the entire pipeline from camera capture to output, unlocking the real power of Machine Vision for understanding customer behavior.

The industry’s most accurate age, gender, and person detection

People Counting Precision

Because we use the same proprietary tracking software in our recognition and analysis platforms, there is no chance a person will be counted twice. Non-customers (like employees) will be eliminated from the data set in real-time.

Age & Gender Detection

C2RO has industry leading age and gender detection in real-world settings. Unlike other platforms that use stock images or user-uploaded photos to train their models, C2RO is trained on images taken from the same camera technology we use every day.

Customer Demographic Breakdown

With the ability to accurately count people, and organize them into social groups, C2RO can offer highly granular demographic breakdowns that lead to actionable insights. It’s the perfect compliment to see how particular installations are performing.

Send Alerts & Notifications

Returning Customer Notifications

Send a notification to employees when a returning customer enters the store to enhance sales floor productivity and improve the customer experience.

Suspicious Person Alerts

Getting an alert when a person enters with a shoplifting history at a store can help prevent dangerous situations before they happen. Easily manage banned persons and send alerts when one tries to enter.

Turn Every Touchpoint into a Data Point

Visualize Customer Flow Like Never Before

Leveraging dwell time and tracking the customer path are perhaps the biggest factors impacting throughput and transactions:

• Measure how long customers are waiting in a queue
• Identify interest in promotional displays
• Detect areas of indecision

C2RO can even detect when customers make it to specific places (like the POS) and re-classify them into a new category (such as ‘Buyers’).


Engineered for Scale

C2RO is the only serverless cloud solution that does not stream video.

Hardware-Agnostic, Works on Any IP Camera

20Kbps Upload

99.5% Accuracy,
Thousands of Profiles

Customer Installations



Multi-tenant malls use C2RO to see what stores people of various demographics visit and how long they spend there.

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

Grocery chains use C2RO to reduce interventions with age detection, and see what promotions appeal to different demograpics.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Agencies use C2RO to track their digital signage campaigns to see interactions and dwell time across demogrphics.

Take your customer knowledge to a higher level.