C2RO is an all-new, cloud-based robotics platform that utilizes the latest technology in machine learning and computer vision algorithms to bring intelligence to your robots. By simply connecting your robots to this platform, you can easily monitor robot sensor data and use multiple robotic vision modules, all with real time feedback.

Object & Facial Recognition

Following & Mapping

Multi-Robot Collaboration (Fall 2017)

C2RO enables object and facial recognition on any ROS based, RGB camera-equipped robot. Your robots can now detect objects and obstacles in real time.

C2RO allows you to dynamically target objects for your robot to follow, while updating your map data. Create awareness for your robots through location recognition.

C2RO connects more than one of your ROS robots together regardless of their manufacturers. Allowing for robots to share information, enhancing their capabilities.


Easy Deployment

A powerful and easily deployable API allows C2RO to connect to any ROS robot regardless of manufacturer and other robot operating systems. Adding additional robots is just a few simple clicks away.

Secure & Reliable

Built on AWS and stress tested by some of the world’s top robotics and cloud computing scientists, C2RO’s robotic-cloud platform is dependable, scalable, and reliable.

Powerful Upgrades

Upgrades are automatically pushed from the cloud, seamlessly improving features for all C2RO robots. New modules are easily purchasable from the C2RO Marketplace as they become available.

Incredible Support

C2RO understands that cloud robotics is a new technology for most people –  that’s why we’re building an all-star support team, staffed with researchers from world-class universities including Indiana University, MIT, and the University of Illinois.


Operating System

Any Linux-based OS capable of running ROS, such as: Ubuntu 14.04/16.04

ROS Version

Indigo & Kinetic


Any 3D or RGBD cameras such as: Kinect, Astra Pro, Asus Xtion

Onboard computation

SBCs such as Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Banana Pi, Pine 64 with internet connectivity

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