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C2RO Perceive™ is a powerful and comprehensive customer journey analysis platform that is specifically designed for large scale commercial applications. C2RO Perceive™ gives you visibility and data that allows you to measure precisely what works and what doesn’t, making attribution and conversion finally possible in physical environments.

C2RO Perceive™ Applications

Retail Mall Analysis

Understand Individual customer journeys throughout the Mall. Includes retailers, points of interest, and sequences in which locations are visited and for how long. Powerful and accurate demographic classification allows you to attribute journeys and interests with specific groups, which is the holy grail of journey analysis.

Retail Store Analysis

Attribution and conversion rates are now possible in the physical world. You can finally measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and promotions, allowing you to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. Understand which parts of the retail space draw the attention of your customers and match that with online and point of sale data.

Digital Media and Gaming

Tailor advertising and entertainment feeds with real-time demographic and social context analysis capability on a global scale. Leverage the world’s most powerful and scalable analysis engine across thousands of touch points for gaming platforms, digital signage, and various interactive media outlets.

Take your customer engagement to a higher level.

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