Ready to Engage your Customers In Person Anywhere in the World?

C2RO Engage is an AI-driven customer recognition and behavior analysis platform.

Businesses use smart devices like cameras, kiosks, tablets, and robots to enhance the customer experience like never before with C2RO Engage.

Learn New Faces on the Fly

You know about touch points, but with C2RO you can get detailed Face Point analysis anytime your customers visit.

Works in Any Lighting

Lighting is one of the biggest challenges in accurately identifying people. Engage Face Recognition is designed to work in retail stores.

Easy to Install

Engage does not require specialized hardware. Use existing IP cameras, or have C2RO design a system tailored to your needs.


Loyalty Program Extension

Track activity from the moment your customer walks through the door with super accurate face recognition.

Security & Surveillance

Alert your security team to known threats by uploading a library of known suspects. Even create block lists on the fly.

Office and Appointment Assistance

Meet and greet is the fast and reliable way to greet your customers. Easily connect C2RO to your calendar system.

Our Work

Pop Up Shops

Pop Up Shops

Recognize and register visitors to pop up shops with C2RO’s easy to install face recognition platform.

Events & Conferences

Events & Conferences

Keep track of booth visitors with monitoring analytics and the ability to pre-register faces to send alerts for VIPs.

Schools & Daycare

Schools & Daycare

Ensure only approved family members are picking up children to improve safety, and offer premium care with admin alerts.

Retail VIPs

Retail VIPs

Of the thousands of store visitors you get, separate the lookers from the buyers by identifying returning customers & VIPs.

Take your customer engagement to a higher level.