Ready to Engage your Customers Anywhere in the World?

C2RO Engage™ is a real time cloud AI customer recognition and behavior analysis platform. C2RO Engage™ can bridge the gap between the digital and physical world, accelerating the transformation toward interactive smart environments.

C2RO Engage™ Applications

Loyalty Program Extension

Recognize your most important customers and provide them with the personalized service they expect and deserve. For the first time, close the loop between physical, online and mobile customer touchpoints.

Entrance Traffic Monitoring

Understand who’s coming and going in your business. Separate employees and staff, allowing you to collect data about return customers and staff behavior. Use the data to optimize customer service and streamline resources across your business.

Gaming, Entertainment and Advertising

Tailor advertising and entertainment feeds with real-time recognition capability on a global scale. Leverage recognition across edge touch points for gaming platforms, digital signage, and various interactive media outlets.

Take your customer engagement to a higher level.

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