C2RO Engage is a product set to redefine how retailers connect with their customers by enabling a seamless synchronization of online and offline activity through the use of computer vision and AI. C2RO will present Engage at the popular Retail Robots and AI Conference hosted by the Platt Institute. C2RO will have a meeting room where attendees will be able to experience a demonstration of the Engage product. For more details visit our event page.

From the Retail Robots and AI Website:

The Retail Analytics Council and Platt Retail Institute will host its first Retail Robotics & AI Conferenceon April 26, 2018 at Northwestern University’s San Francisco campus, 44 Montgomery Street. Badger Technologies will be hosting the pre-conference reception/dinner on April 25, from 6-9 p.m.

The Retail Robotics & AI Conference will focus on emerging applications, advanced analytics and industry trends. Presentations by leading academics and practitioners include:

  • Retailers and their robots
  • Current research in robotics and applied deep learnings
  • Intelligent agent assistants and emerging retail robotics applications
  • Global retail perspective – application and trends
  • Robot panel presentation
  • Building a 360 degree view of the customer
  • AI in retail