Indoor service robots must be able to navigate tight corners, avoid obstacles, and detect people. That’s a challenge for some humans, so it’s no surprise that it requires a great deal of computation to pull off on a robot.

At this week’s Gartner Symposium / ITxpo 2017, Australia’s leading robotic distributor, Exaptec showed that the best robot for the job, may not be a specific make and model, but rather the vast computational power of the cloud enabling robots from various manufacturers.

Using C2RO’s C-SLAM technology, Exaptec’s robots mapped and autonomously navigated the conference’s showroom floor carrying promotional banners. The demonstration wowed guests who created missions and watched as the robots planned routes, and re-routed once a person or obstacle was detected.

This was the world’s first live demonstration of cloud-based SLAM and autonomous navigation offered via C2RO Cloud Robotics SaaS Platform. It showed mobile ground robots as commercially viable for wide use in service industries by shedding expensive onboard hardware like GPUs.

Using C2RO technology, robots can now take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence and robotic vision algorithms with scalable, real-time cloud processing to autonomously and efficiently clean floors, show us the way around complex spaces (such as conferences), and more.