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Retailers have the advantage of having a physical footprint where customers can experience the brand and touch their products, allowing them to build deeper connections with their customer base. Leverage comprehensive and accurate shopper journey insights, to drive revenue growth by maximizing operational efficiency and increase market share through highly effective sales and marketing campaigns.

The benefits of using C2RO Perceive™ for retail

Demographically Classified In-Store Journeys

Understand shoppers’ in-store journey to identify the best path to purchase. Study shopping patterns and behaviors of key socio-demographic groups to build better targeted sales and marketing campaigns. 

Visitor and Staff Engagement

Identify high-traffic areas in your physical facility by analyzing heat maps and visitor engagement rates with staff and space. Quickly identify and address inefficiencies to increase your revenue per square foot.

Path to Purchase

Measure the performance of specific areas, such as an entrance or point of sales, with insights on dwell-time and visitor behavior through journey analysis. Optimize your spaces to effectively drive sales conversion goals.

Traffic Flow

Get accurate data on in-store traffic, store affluence, dwell-time and identify high-traffic areas. Understand your peak hours and days, to improve your operations and inventory for a better in-store experience.

Product Placement

Identify your top-selling products to understand why they attract sales and improve your product mix. Optimize product placement to encourage product discovery and increase basket size.

Use Cases

Improve operational efficiency

Identify peak hours and days and the demographic make-up of your visitors to match staff availability to actual in-store traffic and social group type. Improve your operational efficiency to offer customers a more personalized in-store experience.

Understand product relationships

Identify what products are often purchased together to identify the shopping patterns of key demographic groups. Improve product placement to increase basket size and average purchase value.

Drive in-store sales conversions

Analyze the engagement rate between visitor and staff and identify in-store pain points that your affect sales conversion rate. Develop the optimal path to purchase and turn every in-store visitor into a purchasing customer.

C2RO Retail Solutions

C2RO COVID-19 Solutions

Building on our renowned AI video analytics platform, C2RO Perceive™, we developed intelligent safety and security solutions to help businesses return to full functionality while keeping staff and visitors safe.


Our COVID-19 solutions conduct large scale analysis for automated occupancy monitoring and management, social distancing regulation adherenceautomated mask detectionfacility sanitization rate, and real-time thermal screening in large public and private facilities.

C2RO Perceive™

The very first GDPR-compliant AI video analytics solution to capture demographically classified visitor journeys for insights on visitor behavior and preferences in large public spaces.

Demographically Classified Journeys

Reuses Surveillance Cameras

Live Traffic Flow Analysis

Compliant with GDPR

Data Analytics Dashboard


C2RO is an AI enterprise software company based in Canada and was listed as one of the most trusted retail technology providers in the world in 2020 by CIO Techie magazine. It offers privacy-aware AI video analytics for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies. C2RO's product, Perceive, is enabling data-driven decision making, optimization of operations, and transformation of physical facilities into safe, engaging, and immersive environments for visitors. The C2RO biometric-free solutions are built for scale and reuse existing surveillance cameras while being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world such as GDPR.


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