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Safety and Security

Public and private facilities equipped with an AI video analytics solution that leverages existing surveillance camera infrastructure, and includes smart safety and security screening features, will not only give visitors and staff peace of mind, but also allow facility owners to monitor public behavior and key risk indicators in real-time, ensuring the safety of their physical spaces.

The benefits of using C2RO Perceive™ to ensure safety in commercial facilities

Risk Monitoring

Automatically and passively screen visitors and staff entering your facility for abnormal temperature patterns. Conduct preventive analysis by linking demographic information to identified patterns and proactively implement safety measures in real-time.

Facility Density

Know your facility’s occupancy rate to manage crowd density across your entire space, and at specific points-of-interest. Identify hotspots inside your space and manage traffic flow in real-time to avoid reaching your facility’s maximum capacity. 

Visitor Proximity

Leverage your existing surveillance cameras to identify various visitor types (e.g. alone or groups), and differentiate safe social groups (e.g. families) from random visitor clusters. Analyze the distance between social groups to prevent the overcrowding of confined spaces. 

Use Cases

Proactively prevent safety threats in your facility

Identify abnormal temperature patterns in individuals entering public and private facilities, such as a corporate office or a train station, and link them to demographic information. Notify key health and government authorities of any abnormalities and proactively prevent safety risks, such as the spread of viral infections.

Differentiate safe social groups from random visitor clusters 

Analyze the distance between visitors to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines in your commercial facility, such as a shopping mall. Monitor socio-demographic behavior to differentiate safe social groups, such as families, from random visitor clusters when evaluating the appropriate distance between social groups.

Avoid high-density hotspots and control the occupancy rate in your facility

With accurate entrance and exit counts, as well as occupancy rate, in high-traffic facilities such as a shopping mall, public transit station or office, understand crowd density to properly manage traffic flow and entrance rates to control the number of people inside your facility in real-time and prevent exceeding your facility’s maximum capacity.   

Discover our Automated Occupancy Management Solution

Automatically manage your facility’s occupancy rate in real time. Proactively keep your staff and visitors safe by ensuring that social distancing guidelines are respected.

All Inclusive Package: Monthly Subscription Fee*

Hardware Package

  • 1 x Edge node
  • Uses existing surveillance cameras**

Software License Package

  • Unlimited access to monitoring, configuration, and data analytics dashboard (daily/weekly/monthly views)
  • Unlimited real-time alerts via email (up to 5 different email addresses)
  • Real-time HTML-based display notifications (device agnostic, supports unlimited number of devices)
*Min. 1 year contract
**Camera can be included for an extra fee per month


C2RO is a high-tech enterprise software company based in Montreal, Canada. It offers privacy-aware video analytics solution for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI. C2RO’s product, Perceive™, is enabling the digital transformation of physical spaces, including retail and commercial real estate, and smart city towards experiential and interactive environments for visitors. C2RO solutions are built for scale and reuse existing surveillance cameras while being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world.


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