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Shopping Centers

Shopping malls are in a unique position to offer their customers with a centralized space for shopping, entertainment and dining. Visionary mall operators using C2RO’s AI video analytics solution have successfully differentiated their offering by leveraging our comprehensive and accurate demographically classified journey insights, to build data-driven strategies that elevate the customer experience.

The benefits of using C2RO Perceive™ for mall operators

Traffic Flow

Understand how visitors navigate your shopping mall to drive leasing strategies, optimize operational efficiency, increase security and safety measures, and identify property development opportunities.

Tenant Performance

Analyze high-performing tenants and identify how they attract visitors to your mall, to optimize tenant placement for increased traffic to anchor tenants and key areas.

Cross-Shopping Patterns

Identify the set of tenants that make-up the shopper journey of target demographic groups, to uncover cross-shopping patterns and increase customer spending.

Demographically Classified Visitors

Identify the demographic make-up of your mall visitors to understand shopping patterns and behaviors of each demographic class.

Use Cases

Data-driven leasing strategies

Measure the performance of specific locations in your mall, such as a specific wing of your mall or a point of interest. Optimize tenant placement to increase your revenue per square foot. 

Increase sales conversion 

Understand how visitors navigate from one store to another from your mall. Analyze cross-shopping patterns and behavior for target demographic groups. Optimize store mix to increase tenant revenue.

Build highly effective sales and marketing campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of on-premise marketing initiatives and the ROI per campaign. Tailor your mall offering and events to boost footfall traffic.  

C2RO Perceive™ for Shopping Mall

Visionary shopping mall operators using C2RO Perceive™ have successfully differentiated their offering by leveraging comprehensive and accurate demographically classified customer insights, to build data-driven strategies that maximize tenant revenue and elevate the customer experience.

C2RO COVID-19 Solutions

Building on our renowned AI video analytics platform, C2RO Perceive™, we developed intelligent safety and security solutions to help businesses return to full functionality while keeping staff and visitors safe.

C2RO Perceive™

The very first GDPR-compliant AI video analytics solution to reuse your existing surveillance cameras to analyze customer behaviour and develop demographically classified journeys even in large physical spaces where there are significant gaps in coverage, without using biometric data.