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Smart City and Transportation

Public transport agencies' ability to derive actionable and data-driven insights in real-time from their surveillance cameras allows them to understand their traffic flows, demographic groups and service usage patterns, to optimize operations and build safe environments for a high-level of user satisfaction. By leveraging an AI video analytics solution across their entire transit network and facility, they can analyze traffic throughout the transit system to decongest transit services, optimizing system capacity and enforcing critical safety measures.

The benefits of using C2RO Perceive™ for public transit service providers

Traffic Flow

Monitor traffic flows and the demographic make-up of commuters, to understand how they navigate your key stations. Recognize traffic patterns and hotspots to accurately predict user needs and service operations.

Fleet and Staff Management

Identify rush hour for each station to match fleet and staff availability to actual crowd density. Develop data-driven operations that lower wait times and increases service usage for a higher level of user satisfaction.

Safety and Security

Get accurate traffic counts in real-time, to always know how many visitors are in your stations. Enables transit managers and security personnel to reduce response time to potential safety threats.

Use Cases

Match transit services to actual traffic and increase user satisfaction

Get accurate entrance and exit counts, as well as occupancy rates, to understand traffic flow from one station to another and usage patterns of commuters. Link traffic insights to external factors, such as socio-demographic behavior, time, and day to predict and match transit services to actual service usage for increased operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Ensuring safety across your entire public transit network

Monitor traffic flow patterns and user behavior in real-time to identify potential hotspots and areas of concern, allowing for a proactive and timely response when needed. Continuously ensure the safety of your facilities by automatically and passively screening commuters for elevated body temperatures, to implement the necessary preventive safety measures.


C2RO is a high-tech enterprise software company based in Montreal, Canada. It offers privacy-aware video analytics solution for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI. C2RO's product, Perceive™, is enabling the digital transformation of physical spaces, including retail and commercial real estate, and smart city towards experiential and interactive environments for visitors. C2RO solutions are built for scale and reuse existing surveillance cameras while being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world.


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