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Essential Stores

C2RO Perceive™ for essential stores, such as grocery stores, hypermarkets and pharmacies, reuses existing security cameras to analyze customer behaviour and demographically classified journeys, as well as monitor visitor health to ensure the safety of both staff and customers.

Public Safety

Public and private facilities equipped with C2RO Perceive™ smart safety features can monitor public behaviour and key risk indicators in real-time, helping ensure the safety of their physical space and provide visitors and staff with peace of mind.

Public Transportation

Public transport agencies leveraging C2RO Perceive™ across their entire transit network and facility can analyze traffic flow, demographic groups and service usage patterns to optimize operations and build safer environments for a higher level of user satisfaction.

Shopping Mall

Visionary shopping mall operators using C2RO Perceive™ have successfully differentiated their offering by leveraging comprehensive and accurate demographically classified customer insights, to build data-driven strategies that maximize tenant revenue and elevate the customer experience.

Retail Stores

Retailers with C2RO Perceive™ can leverage comprehensive and accurate shopper journey insights, to drive revenue growth by maximizing operational efficiency and increasing market share through highly effective sales and marketing strategies.

Events and Trade Shows

Convention centers and show venues with C2RO Perceive™ help event organizers and venue owners better understand how attendees navigate and interact with exhibitors and their products, enabling them to design successful events for a better experience and increased event ROI.

Product Sheets

C2RO COVID-19 Solutions

A privacy-aware video analytics solution with advanced safety features that reuses facility security cameras and complies with Europe’s GDPR and North american privacy laws. Helping businesses actively monitor safety threats and ensure adherence to government health regulations.

Automated Occupancy Management

A live occupancy monitoring system that automatically manages your facility’s occupancy rate and traffic flow. Proactively keep staff and visitors safe by preventing overcrowded spaces and ensuring adherence to social distancing measures.

Thermal Screening

A biometric-free, automated and contactless thermal screening system with real-time alerts and data analysis on ratio of individuals with elevated body temperatures through a centralized analytics dashboard. Proactively prevent health risks in your facility to keep visitors and staff safe.


The very first GDPR-compliant AI video analytics solution to reuse your existing surveillance cameras to analyze customer behaviour and develop demographically classified journeys even in large physical spaces where there are significant gaps in coverage, without using biometric data.


C2RO and Telefónica Joint Whitepaper

How AI video analytics is transforming physical spaces

Telefónica and C2RO share their expertise in a joint whitepaper on how AI video analytics is transforming physical spaces by providing businesses with a 360-degree view into people behaviour and business operations insights.

C2RO Retail Whitepaper

Digital transformation of physical retail is driving the need for in-store visitor journey analytics

As physical retail continues to shift its focus on experience over product, discover how AI video analytics solutions, like C2RO Perceive™, are providing retailers with more advanced and actionable insights on the demographically classified visitors journeys, and helping them shape experiential environments that provide visitors with the unique and memorable experiences that they cannot obtain online.

Use Cases

20/20 vision for data-driven retailers using AI technology

Learn how C2RO Perceive™ enabled a data-driven digital native eyewear brand to A/B test its marketing strategies and increased its store walk-ins by 2X.

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Executive Summary

C2RO Perceive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

C2RO Perceive™ FAQ for Retail

Magazine Features

Most Trusted Retail Technology Company 2020

C2RO was recognized as one of the most trusted retail technology companies of 2020 for successfully tackling the data privacy regulations, a key barrier for AI video analytics technology providers.


C2RO Annual Newsletter: 2019 Highlights

C2RO had clear objectives for 2019 and we’re proud to have succeeded on all fronts. Read more about it in our 2019 Highlights newsletter.


C2RO is an AI enterprise software company based in Canada and was listed as 2020's most pioneering AI video analytics solution by Corporate Vision, as well as one of the most trusted retail technology providers in the world by CIO Techie magazine. It offers privacy-aware AI video analytics for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies. C2RO's product, Perceive, is enabling data-driven decision making, optimization of operations, and transformation of physical facilities into safe, engaging, and immersive environments for visitors. The C2RO biometric-free solutions are built for scale and reuse existing surveillance cameras while being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world such as GDPR.


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