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We are honored to announce that we have been selected as one of the Top 6 Robotics Startups in Canada in an article by Nanalyze, a publishing site specializing in information on emerging technologies. Nanalyze which has been around since 2003, is trusted by many investors to make wise decisions regarding investments within multiple industries.

By being in this list, C2RO has been recognized as a Canadian startup that is “leading the way in machine learning and cloud computing for robots”. Nanalyze talks highly about our cloud based platform- “Move the brains of a robotic system from the machine to the cloud, which is a fancy way of saying most of the computing and thinking is done remotely. The Montreal-based startup offers three types of cloud-based services: robotic vision, multi-robot collaboration, and sensor data analysis”. In an interview with our Co-founder Soodeh Farokhi, the goal of C2RO is to “help robots perceive the world better and become more autonomous”, something Which Nanalyze has surely been impressed by.

You can get your head in the clouds with C2RO by reading the full article, 6 Canadian Robotics Startups Not Called Clearpath by Nanalyze. Also, don’t forget to register for our highly anticipated upcoming Beta Release!


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