C2RO Perceive was recognized by Corporate Vision as a pioneer in AI video analytics due to its technological advancements in accurate, reliable, comprehensive and privacy-aware data analysis.

C2RO distinguished itself in particular for its compliance with stringent data privacy regulations, including Europe’s GDPR and North America’s PIPEDA. Having made data privacy compliance a core part of their go-to-market strategy, C2RO built their technology stack from the ground up to comply with the strictest data privacy regulations around the world. The C2RO Perceive platform leverages proprietary and real-time edge-cloud AI architecture to process data, making it a scalable and GDPR-compliant data analysis solution.

Using a facility’s surveillance camera infrastructure, C2RO Perceive captures a comprehensive set of insights, to provide businesses with a 360-view into business operations and visitor behaviour to maximize operational efficiency and drive long-term growth. In response to the recent global pandemic COVID-19, C2RO has also significantly and seamlessly extended the capabilities of the C2RO Perceive platform to allow real-time automated screening and large-scale data collection in both private and public sectors for intelligent safety purposes.