Leader in robotics news and coverage, the RoboticsBusinessReview has named C2RO as one of their RBR50 list of Leading Robotics Companies of the Year 2018. The review has been a list of “the most innovative, influential, and commercially successful robotics suppliers” for the past 7 years, and continues to recognize businesses that are pioneers and leaders in the field.

In the AI category, which has already grown by 70% just in 2018 according to Forbes, C2RO was recognized alongside 7 others, including IBM Watson and NVIDIA Corp. as an industry leader and a company to watch. C2RO’s cloud platform, which is used by Qihan Sanbot Elf service robots, drew special attention.

C2RO offers the world’s 1st Cloud Robotics SaaS Platform (B2B) that uses cloud-based AI technologies to augment cognitive, and collaboration capabilities of service robots with a simple internet connection.

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