C2RO Perceive™

Get a complete view into visitor journeys segmented by demographic class, and build concrete links between demographically influenced behaviour and contextual factors affecting customer decisions.

How is C2RO Perceive™ Different?

Designed especially for large scale deployments, the patent-pending architecture of C2RO Perceive™ reconnects visitors from one camera to another to build comprehensive journeys throughout a physical facility without using biometric and personal data, differentiating the innovative machine vision platform from other video-based solutions.

Specifically to Retail, having a thorough understanding of the visitor journey is critical in enhancing the customer experience, which existing technologies such as Wifi, beacons or door counters are only capable of providing partial information about the journeys making them ineffective solutions. With C2RO Perceive™, retail brands and mall operators can analyze the visitor journeys to uncover brand and product relationships by demographic class, as well as link the journeys to marketing and sales strategies to maximize the ROI of initiatives.

Demographically Classified Journeys
Compliant with GDPR
Uses Existing Surveillance Cameras

Value for Mall Operators

Understand how different demographic groups navigate across different stores and floors of your shopping mall in order to design engaging spaces that incorporate experiential elements for visitors. Moreover, C2RO Perceive™ allows you to uncover critical synergies between brands based on the journeys taken by different demographic groups, thus ensuring that long-term partners and commitments will always provide you with the highest ROI.

Value for Retail Brands

With clear visibility into the visitor journeys, retail brands can unlock product relationships by demographic group allowing them to test different marketing strategies, measure their performance, and attribute the journeys to actual purchases to identify the marketing and sales strategies that convert in-store visitors into purchasing customers. The collected insights by C2RO Perceive™ also allows brands to improve their operational efficiencies and store layouts to provide a seamless in-store experience for customers.

Our Markets

Shopping Malls
Physical Stores
Shows & Events
Smart City
Public Facilities

Data Privacy at the Heart of Everything We Do

We believe in providing businesses with in-depth, accurate and actionable insights while still providing absolute data privacy to customers, and this belief guides everything that we do and create at C2RO.

Our Technology

Having taken into account the data privacy regulations at the conception and design of all our solutions, including C2RO Perceive™, we can guaratee by design that our machine vision platform does not generate nor store any biometric information. By operating in a purely anonymous manner, our clients in Europe, North America, and elsewhere can easily analyze visitor behavior without violating customer privacy and regulations.

Our Business

We strengthened our commitment to being fully compliant with data privacy regulations by appointing a recognized GDPR expert as C2RO's Data Protection Officer (DPO) who will help us continuously align our technology and operations decision with data privacy standards and best practices.
Anonymous by Design
No Personal Information Stored
Supervised by Data Protection Officer


C2RO is a high-tech software company based in Montreal and founded by Dr. Soodeh Farokhi in 2016. It offers privacy-aware video analytics solution for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI. The company’s main product, C2RO Perceive™, is enabling the digital transformation of physical spaces, including retail and commercial real estate, towards experiential and interactive environments for visitors. C2RO solutions are built for scale and reuse existing surveillance cameras while being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world.


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