Sponsor C2RO’s Live Customer Engagement Demonstration at NRF

Gain Exclusive Access to the NRF Innovation Lab with C2RO

NRF 2019 | January 13-15, 2019 | NYC

  Stand out as a technology innovator

  Direct exposure to 125+ journalists

  See how AI will impact omnichannel marketing

What’s the Experience?

Over 150 media and executives select
their sponsor experience

Automatic recognitions trigger
sponsored messages

Participants collect promo
code at C2RO booth

C2RO’s Active Display Technology will create living custom environments using Face Recognition at NRF2019.

How to Participate

Offer a traceable promo
code to your store


Consent to let us use your
name and logo


Provide a quote for a press release following the show

What is C2RO?

C2RO’s universal machine vision platform enables the retail ecosystem to bridge the online and in-store journey by automatically recognizing and engaging your customers in real time. This powerful customer recognition solution is accelerating retail’s digital transformation by personalizing and individualizing interactions.


What’s in the Dedicated Analytics Report?

Your dedicated analytics report will demonstrate the impact machine vision has on the participant experience including how many participants engaged with individualized communication, responded to the call to action, and collected their sponsored promo code. These insights can be used to evaluate the benefits of a real-time customer recognition solution for your brand.

How about security and privacy?

Only consenting attendees will be selected to participate. C2RO uses enterprise-grade security cameras, and encrypts biometric data so it may not be accessed or reused in any capacity by 3rd parties. C2RO helps you stay compliant with all the latest privacy standards, including the GDPR.