Making Robots Work for Your Business

Cloud Based Cognitive Augmentation and End-to-End Software Solutions

Making Robots Work for Your Business

Cloud Based Cognitive Augmentation and End-to-End Software Solutions


What is C2RO Cloud Robotics?

C2RO provides cloud based cognitive augmentation for robots and end-to-end software solutions for the businesses where the robots operate. By delivering AI-enabled software solutions in real-time via the cloud, C2RO significantly enhances the perception, collaboration capabilities and usefulness of service robots in unstructured environment. Robots connected to the C2RO platform demonstrably increase business efficiency and improve the customer experience in hospitality, retail, and security.

What We Offer


Cloud AI

  • Server-based Robotic Vision and Deep Learning 
  • Object Recognition, Mapping & Space Recognition

Multi-Robot Collaboration

  • Fleet Management
  • Collaborative Mapping & Path Planning

Sensor Data Analysis

  • Cloud-based Robot-agnostic Monitoring Dashboard
  • Big Data Analysis on Sensor Data with Prediction

Our Products

Get more business value from robots with these AI products available on the C2RO cloud platform.


Engage Makes Robots Work for Your Business with Enterprise-Grade Face Recognition and an End-to-End Software Solution



Enables mapping, self-localization, and autonomous path planning in real-time with Cloud-Based SLAM.


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News & Events

C2RO Raises $1.1M Seed Financing to Commercialize Cloud-Based Robotics A.I. SaaS Platform

Montreal-based C2RO Cloud Robotics Inc. today announced that it has concluded a US$1.1 Million seed financing led by Chicago-based Harbor Street Ventures, with the participation of Fonds InnovExport, TandemLaunch Ventures and several angel investors in Canada, the...

C2RO to Attend Retail Robots and AI Conference on April 26th

C2RO Engage is a product set to redefine how retailers connect with their customers by enabling a seamless synchronization of online and offline activity through the use of computer vision and AI. C2RO will present Engage at the popular Retail Robots and...

C2RO to Present at IEEE’s Smart Assistant Conference on April 10th

C2RO Founder and CTO Soodeh Farokhi will be speaking on how Service Robots and AI can impact the Smart Assistant Ecosystem for an IEEE Montreal-sponsored event on April 10th at WeWork. Soodeh will be joined by local technology leaders including Vikrant...

C2RO Presenting at Product Tank Montreal on March 27th

Developing habit-forming products is challenging, but developing ones for nascent markets like robots can be a different kind of challenge completely: to think about the world not as it is, but how it will be. That's what makes tonight's talk by our CEO...

C2RO Named a Global Leader in Cloud Robotics with Market Expected to Top $7 Billion by 2022

New research from MarketsAndMarkets named C2RO as a global leader in the cloud robotics market, which is expected to grow from USD 2.20 billion in 2017 to USD 7.51 billion by 2022. According to Military Market Reports, the Platform as a Service segment is expected to...

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C2RO Cloud Robotics is the world's first robotics SaaS platform offering AI and robotic vision applications for indoor service robots.

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